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Dr. Annie Bukacek
Proven Public Servant for



“Rate payer first…Let’s keep the lights on!”

A Public Service Commissioner should give sane, fair and balanced protection to Montana’s energy needs for its citizens' well-being. I will.

What do I hope to accomplish when elected to the Public Service Commission?

 Amplified communication with the public... notifications when there are relevant issues coming before the PSC or legislators.

 Enriched PSC involvement with the legislators to assist in crafting and drafting legislation and testifying, based on PSC focus.

 Bringing the water compact management boards under PSC jurisdiction for the benefit

Means for maintaining accessibility of utilities while keeping utility rates lower:

 As much as possible, keep it “Made in Montana”—keep Montana energy independent

 Curtail efforts to remove access to Montana’s coal and hydro-electric sources of power.

 Apply as often as possible, free-market principles to the regulation of utility monopolies



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DISCLAIMER: News content on this website is not to be construed as a reflection of the Montana Public Service Commission or Dr.Bukacek PSC, Commissioner Elect's personal opinions or platforms. The news information provided is soley for informational purposes and is meant to help educate on all the many topics related to energy and the PSC.

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    Looking out for the little guy!

    Devoted to keeping Montana energy independent

    "Looking out for the little guy" means looking out for the residents and businesses that pay for the power and the local Montana providers and distributors, rather than the out-of-state mega-corporations that profit from Montana without adding back something of equal value.