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Copper and aluminum shortages: what will that mean for transmission lines needed for electrification?

“Electrification,” in the envisioned zero-carbon emission future, means replacing gas/oil run vehicles, furnaces, boilers, etc. with electric versions based on the premise of improved environment, climate, and sustainability.Is electrification more environmentally friendly and sustainable?   You decide.Transmission Concern #1: High voltage underground electricity transmission lines have been vexed with technical difficulties, especially in maintenance and repair; the doubling of overhead electrical transmission lines needed for “electrification” will inevitably mar landscapes and horizons.Transmission Concern #2: The U.S. imports most of the metals used in “electrification” —demand has outpaced supply, leading to cost escalations, insecurity of that supply, and inability to provide the...

Published on 2/20/2023 (30 days ago) Dr. Annie Newsletters