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VIDEO The Power Grid

Youtube ...

Published on 1/20/2023 (11 days ago) Utility Companies, Video


How do Electric Transmission Lines Work?

WATCH ON YOUTUBEDiscussing some of the fascinating engineering that goes into overhead electric power transmission lines. In the past, power generating plants were only able to serve their local areas. As power plants grew larger and further away from populated areas, the need for ways to efficiently move electricity over long distances has become more and more important. Stringing power lines across the landscape to connect cities to power plants may seem as simple as connecting an extension cord to an outlet, but the engineering behind these electric superhighways is more complicated and fascinating than you might think. ...

Published on 1/11/2023 (20 days ago) Utility Companies, Video


How Would a Nuclear EMP Affect the Power Grid? VIDEO

WATCH ON YOUTUBEHow a nuclear blast in the upper atmosphere could disable the power grid....

Published on 1/11/2023 (20 days ago) Energy Crisis, Video


How Different Spillway Gates Work

Watch on Youtube ...

Published on 1/11/2023 (20 days ago) Hydroelectric, Video


They Don't Work In The Cold... - YouTube

youtube - Kyle finds out that the new Electrify America chargers that they co-developed with BTC don't work in cold temperatures. He also heads to ChargePoint, EVgo, and other EA chargers to see if they have similar issues in this cold snap. We would really appreciate it if you subscribe to our channel! The more subscribers we have, the more awesome opportunities we will be able to bring to you! ...

Published on 1/11/2023 (20 days ago) Solar, Wind & EV's, Video