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Talking points for the holiday season

Planning on having any energy-related discussions this holiday season—which, thanks to higher energy prices, is a lot more expensive than last holiday season?I’ve got you covered.Here are talking points answering 12 of today’s most important energy questions. Why is the US experiencing an energy crisis?   READ FULL ARTICLE...

Published on 12/8/2022 (54 days ago) Alex Epstein Corner


"Climate reparations" are immoral

“Climate reparations” are immoral1. They punish the free world for fossil fuel use that has made the whole world better, including safer from climate. 2. They punish poor people by taking away their freedom to use the fossil fuels they need to flourish. The hottest idea emerging from the UN's COP27 climate conference, enthusiastically supported by the Biden Administration, is “climate reparations”: wealthy countries paying poor countries to make up for climate-related harm. This is an immoral idea that Congress should reject.1 “Climate reparations” are based on two false assumptions: 1. Free, wealthy countries, through their fossil fuel use, have made the world worse for poor countries. 2. The poor world’s main problem is dealing with climate change, which wealth transfers will help...

Published on 12/8/2022 (54 days ago) Alex Epstein Corner


Reject Net Zero, Embrace Energy Freedom

“Net zero by 2050” policies would be apocalyptically destructive if fully implemented and have already been catastrophically destructive when barely implemented.They should be totally rejected in favor of energy freedom policies. What are “net zero by 2050 policies”? Government (coercive) actions whose primary and binding goal is the net-elimination of CO2 (and other greenhouse gas) emissions, whose number one source is fossil fuel use, by 2050. In practice “net zero” means: rapidly eliminate most fossil fuel use. “Net zero by 2050” policies include: Escalating restrictions or bans of fossil fuel development Escalating restrictions or bans of fossil fuel use Mandates of alternatives Subsidies for alternatives (Often) hostility to development (Often)...

Published on 12/8/2022 (54 days ago) Alex Epstein Corner


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