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Talen Energy Supply and Puget Sound Energy Announce Strategic Transaction of Colstrip, Montana Assets

“Talen Energy Supply, LLC ("Talen" or "TES") and Puget Sound Energy ("PSE") announced today that they have executed a strategic transaction which will help advance TES' long-term vision for Colstrip, Montana. The transaction seeks to leverage the plant's existing electric infrastructure for utility scale renewables project development….”    READ FULL ...

Published on 9/14/2022 (139 days ago) Coal


In bankruptcy, Talen moves to own more of Colstrip

MT Standard“The Pacific Northwest owners, Puget included, also contended they had the votes necessary to shutter the power plant. That voting clout became politicized in 2021 when Montana Republican lawmakers and Gov. Greg Gianforte passed laws nullifying portions of the power plant’s private business contract and empowering the state attorney general to mandate maintenance at Colstrip. Those laws resulted in lawsuits still undecided, which led to court orders preventing the state from acting out its plans…Talen told the bankruptcy court it would run the power plant if doing so was economical. It was just two years ago that Colstrip’s Units 1 and 2 shut down after Talen announced that it was losing money on the units, of which it split ownership equally with Puget Sound Energy.” READ FULL...

Published on 9/14/2022 (139 days ago) Coal


Talen Energy unit files for bankruptcy, looks to slash $4.5 bln debt

ReutersThe company says it committed to eliminating coal at all of its facilities and hopes the proposed restructuring will help accelerate its "clean power transformation…."Our Company is at an important inflection point to strategically reposition TES for long-term value creation,” CEO Alejandro Hernandez said in a statement….In addition to the bondholder deal, Talen Energy Supply has lined up a $1.76 billion loan from Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Royal Bank of Canada that would fund operations during the bankruptcy process. READ FULL ARTICLE...

Published on 9/14/2022 (139 days ago) Coal


Energy-strapped Europe Using Coal

 Unknown (townnews.com)In energy-strapped Europe, coal gets an encore BILLINGS GAZETTE SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2022 | A13 00 1 WORLD DEREK GATOPOULOS Associated Press KOZANI,Greece —Coal production has been ramped up at the site near the northern Greek city of Kozani as the war in Ukraine forced many European nations to rethink their energy supplies. Coal, long treated as a legacy fuel in Europe, is now helping the continent safeguard its power supply and cope with the dramatic rise in natural gas prices caused by the war. Electricity generated by coal in the European Union jumped 19% in the fourth quarter of 2021 from a year earlier, according to the EU’s energy directorate, faster than any other source of power, as tension spiked between Russia and Ukraine and ahead of the invasion in late...

Published on 7/21/2022 (194 days ago) Coal


COLSTRIP, MT Coal-fired generation of elecricity

Until closure of Colstrip Unit 1 and 2, Coal-fired generation provided the majority of the electricity produced in Montana since construction of Colstrip Unit 4 was completed in 1986. In 2015, coal generated 16K GWh representing 55 percent of all in state electric generation, in 2017, 2300 MW 37 % of the states generating capacity. The majority of Montana’s coal-fired facilities are owned by regulated utilities. The four units in Colstrip are jointly owned by six entities: Unit 3 & 4 25% Puget Sound Energy, 30% Talen Energy, 20% NEW, 15% Avista Corp, 10% PacfiCorp. Units 1 and 2 are rated at 307 MW, units 3 and 4 at 740 MW.SHUT DOWN: In 2010, a significant number of coal-fired power plants across the nation announced plans for retirement. Since then, 101 GW of coal generation in US have...

Published on 7/21/2022 (194 days ago) Coal


Clean Coal Technology

What is Clean Coal Technology (CCT)? Clean coal technologies are several generations of technological advances that have led to more efficient combustion of coal with reduced emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. The U.S Department of Energy (DOE) administers the CCT program to encourage and support public/private partnerships to research, develop and demonstrate clean coal technologies that ultimately can be brought to large-scale commercial deployment. In the first generation of CCT, private industry was required to provide half of the funding for each project, but historically contributed significantly more.The clean coal technology program has resulted in more than 20 new, lower cost, more efficient and environmentally compatible technologies for electric utilities, steel...

Published on 7/21/2022 (194 days ago) Coal


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