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Aktina Solar Power Project


The Aktina project is a 500MW photovoltaic (PV) solar power facility under construction in Wharton County, Texas, US.

The project is being developed by Tokyo Gas America (TGA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tokyo Gas Company.

Tokyo Gas America (TGA) acquired the project from US-based independent solar power developer Hecate Energy in August 2020.

The construction works on the project were started in 2020 with the start of power generation expected in the second half of 2021. The solar farm is expected to achieve full capacity in the first half of 2022.

The 500MW PV power plant, once fully operational, is expected to supply enough green electricity to power approximately 100,000 US homes annually.

Location and site details

The Aktina solar power project is located in El Campo, Wharton County, Texas, US, approximately 87miles southwest of Houston.

Spread over approximately 4000 acres, the project site is surrounded by farmland and is located outside the Houston Metro area, which is a high-demand load centre.

Aktina solar power plant make-up

The Aktina solar farm will be installed with approximately 1.4 million solar modules for a total power output of 500MWac/ 631MWdc.

The bifacial solar panels will be mounted over Genius TrackerTM single-axis solar tracker systems from GameChange Solar for boosting power production. The project will also utilise the preassembled GameChange Solar SpeedClampsTM technology for faster installation of the photovoltaic panels.



Published on 2/20/2023 (30 days ago) Solar, Wind & EV's